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Community Alliance for Traffic Safety, Inc. (CATS)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
Adolescent/Youth Counseling
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Theft Program....Minor's in Possession
Alcohol Awareness...Occupational License
Recovery Support Services
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Anger Management/Domestic Violence...Stress Reduction
Life Skills/Parenting
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Learn about our many programs, choose from DWI Intervention, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Seller-Server Provider Certification Program, Texas Drug Offender Education Program, DWI Education, Recovery Support Services, Anger Management, Outpatient Intensive Treatment Program, Stress Reduction, Theft Programs, Minor's-in-Possession, Parenting, Life Skills, Aggressive Driving Level I and II, Victim's Impact Panel, Adolescent Counseling, Defensive Driving, Alcohol Awareness, Occupational License, Road Rage, Multiple Offender and a host of others to suffice your requirements.


We encourage changing lives through invitiation for interest and desirable client's who take the ultimate challenge in Recovery Support Services/Chemical Dependency.

For Access-To-Recovery-Finanical Aid, please contact us!

Registration Hours: Monday-Friday...9-6 PM

7719 Pipers Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78251


The Community Alliance for Traffic Safety, Inc. (CATS) is a Non-Profit Social Services Agency.


Self-Referrals for any of our programs are available by registration in person or on-line. We encourage registration for newly married couples or individuals desiring a need for Anger Management or Stress Reduction sessions. Take the ultimate challenge and find your strenghts and weakness. Taking into consideration of others and family members is a way to nurture your internal strength of hope.

Phone: (210) 681-8655 FAX: (210) 681-8662

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