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Community Alliance for Traffic Safety, Inc. (CATS)

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
Adolescent/Youth Counseling
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Recovery Support Services
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For On-Line Registration please send us the informaton as requested below on a sheet of paper with the written information and mail it to the address given with a money order for the amount of $15.00 as deposit to reserve a space for your class. You may also submit the information electronically by e-mail by clicking on the hyperlink to our direct e-mail address with a money order to follow. If you perform a copy and paste it will enable you to put the information on the e-mail script. You will be required to fill out a complete Client Agreement of Transaction Statement upon physically attending class. We will send you a confirmed reservation by e-mail or telephonically, notifiying you of the dates and times of attendance. Thank You! CATS Staff

CASE# ______ COURT# ______


Please send the information as requested above by e-mail or print the page and provide the information with an enclosed money order.

If you desire to register for the Anger Management Program, Family Violence, or Aggressive Control course, you must register in person at our address at 7719 Pipers Lane, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m., through 6:00 p.m. The only exception will be, if you reside outside the San Antonio city limit or the probation officer physically register's the client on-line. Thank you for your cooperation. CATS Staff!

Please bring your court documents upon registration to ensure you have been placed in the right progam as directed by the proper authority.