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Community Alliance for Traffic Safety, Inc. (CATS)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
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Change by invitation of one's admittance!


The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is an invitation to change by the introduction of one's self admittance of exploring "HELP" by the endorsement of the twelve step recovery process of admitting we were powerless; a decision to turn our will and ourselves over to a higher power for care; made a fearless moral inventory of ourselves; admit the exact nature of our wrong; ask our higher power to remove our shortcomings or deficiences; and prayed for others to heal their chemical dependency and personal hardships.


Faith and hope can restore our cleansing through meditation, devine fullfilling of our awaking, and trust in the higher power in the quest for physical and spiritual recovery.

Bring the new life of dawn as a begining of restoring faith through intervention.

"The best is yet to be...The theory of self-invitation is a practice, which maintains that individuals and institutions, and other organizations adds to, or subtracts from, the process of being a beneficial presence in the lives of human beings. Ideally, the factors of people, places, policies, programs and processes should be so intentionally inviting as to create a world in which each individual is cordially summoned to develop intellectually, socially, physically, psychologically, and spiritually." Dr. William W. Purkey, Chairman of the Department of Counseling and Education, University of North Carolina

Our Licensed Chemcial Dependency Counselor (LCDC) is on site for any inquiries or questions. Jamesetta Cooper can be contacted at 681-8655.

The Community Alliance for Traffic Safety statues Dr. Gerald A. Juhnke; Professor and Doctoral Program Director Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Adult & Higher Education from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Noted author and professor for works in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment endeavor. Doctor Juhnke is a friend of the CATS agency and supporter of the Texas Drug Court movement.

Restoring faith is everything to full recovery.
Joyfullness to life can be everlasting!

Cleansing the soul internally with a spiritual awaking combined with treatment can bring a positive change in life offering hope for so any who have been re-habitated through the devotion of an enpowerment of their higher awaking.

Explore a new dimension in time throughout counseling, mentorship, spiritual support, relaspe prevention, twelve step process, narcotic anonymous, alcoholic anonymous, individual counseling, group therapy, society culture and norms, ethical reasoning, penal code, family support structure, parenting, life skills, cognitive skills, and self-esteem are among a few discussed.